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Good Day:

I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge one of your [caregivers]. My uncle was in need or care after his wife of 71 years suddenly passed away so I called WeCare Private Duty Services.

[Your caregiver] continuously focuses on my Uncle’s needs and follows direction and keeps me informed of his moods and how his day is going. She really is in tune to the care of the Geriatric patient and I should know as I have been a Geriatric nurse for over 47 years.

Please recognize her for the outstanding work she is doing and knows that she is representing your company well!

 – Patricia P.

Dear Geraldine: I want to thank you so very much for all of the TLC you and your company extended to Mom. She had such amazing care…they were more than exceptional! They were kind and loving while remaining professional. Mom loved them as she did her family. Thank you for getting Mom into care so quickly.

– Sarah M.
March 2018

Dear Ms. Diggs: I have used WeCare for my clients many times over the past 14 years…A WeCare caregiver did a wonderful job for one of my clients and her family and it was NOT easy. She is a true professional, very steady and focused and understanding and kind with the patient. When the patient is difficult, the caregiver knows how to accomplish the task at hand with realism and humor. She has made life much easier for the family and gave solace to all of us!

– Kathi K.
April 2018

To the Entire Staff and Principals of WeCare Private Duty Services, Inc.: It is with a bittersweet sense of both relief and reality that I write this letter today. For the past 11 years (plus) our family has had in our Mom’s life, a professional caregiver, a sister and a friend from your agency. This caregiver exemplifies both the mission and values of WeCare. She has served my mother with respect and dignity. She stood up for making sure that the care Mom received when she was not on duty was in Mom’s best interest. I was able to work and travel knowing that Mom was in the best of hands. A few years ago when we visited a new doctor…he asked Mom who her caregiver was and she answered, “my friend.”

– Suzanne L.
January 12, 2018

Dear Ms. Diggs: For four months (September through December) on my path to recovery, I had the good fortune to avail myself of the service of members of your organization. I was not only delighted by their constant attention to my needs but also impressed by their professionalism and their solicitousness of my well being.

– Anton V.
February 4, 2001