Who We Are

Caregiving with Heart

Service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Find out just what makes WeCare the nursing referral and residential services agency of choice for so many families today. 

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The WeCare Story

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Geraldine Diggs began her career in caregiving in the late 1970s. Frustrated by the service she encountered in healthcare institutions, Geraldine became determined to raise the standard for quality for caregiving. On June 8, 1995, she founded WeCare. At first, the business was operated from the basement of her home, run by a small group of family and friends who believed in her vision for heart-centered home care for the elderly. Over the last 24 years, WeCare has become well respected and highly regarded within the community, earning a reputation for being the agency that provides compassionate care of the highest quality. It is also the “go-to” agency for many case managers, hospital social workers, financial advisors, physicians, and rehabilitation and hospice facilities. Today, WeCare has served more than 3,200 clients and their families. Additionally, we have helped mentor and educate an upwards of 1,200 caregivers, who, armed with the knowledge and experience they obtained at WeCare, were able to go on to build careers, travel, and improve their families’ lives. WeCare is headquartered in Pikesville, MD and is equipped with office staff members in addition to a multitude of caregivers on our registry, some of whom were founding members of the WeCare family.

Who Is WeCare?

What matters to WeCare? The answer is simple: you and your families. The word “care” is in our name for a reason.

Team WeCare​

Our goal is to improve our clients’ lives and maintain their independence and dignity by providing the home care we would want for our loved ones.

A Message From the President

WeCare’s founder and President, Geraldine Diggs has a message she would like to share with everyone.