The WeCare Founding Story

Geraldine Diggs began the work of WeCare Private Duty Services, Inc. from the basement of her home with just a small comrade of family and friends who shared in her vision for heart-centered home care for the elderly. Inspired by the work of her mother, whom was nurse, Geraldine officially founded WeCarePrivate Duty Services, Inc. on June 8, 1995.

During their 23 years of service, WeCare Private Duty Services has become a stable in the community and in the homes of those in need within the Greater Metropolitan Baltimore Area and parts of Maryland. It is the "go-to" agency for many professionals -- case managers, hospital social workers, financial advisors, and physicians -- and rehabilitation and hospice facilities.

Today, WeCare has cared for more than 3,200 clients and their families and has helped mentor and educate some 1,200 caregivers who used their opportunities with WeCare Private Duty Services to build careers, travel and improve their families’ lives. WeCare Private Duty Services is headquartered in Pikesville, MD and has 15 staff members in addition to 265 caregivers on their registry—some of whom were founding members of the WeCare family that remain today.

The future for WeCare Private Duty Services looks bright. “I want WeCare to continue well into the future because there is a need for services like this one,” said Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer Geraldine Diggs. “I am proud of the work that we do in the community and the care and attention that we are able to extend to families and their loved ones.”